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More bits ‘n pieces


After another thrilling trip to look at building materials πŸ˜‰ we made it to Ted Drewes for frozen custard again today. While we didn’t see as many wedding parties this time (only 1; the week before we saw 4, matching our personal record), this one had by far the coolest transport – I just love this “trolley”!


Spinning is still happening – I finished the first half of the teal roving the other evening, so now to spin the 2nd bobbin.

Our son really likes trains, and he sent me this link the other day β€” New Mexico Magazine Slide Show. We also share a fondness for New Mexico, and this is about how they made the cover shot for New Mexico Magazine. I took the SuperChief from KC to Albuquerque a few times more years back that I care to mention πŸ˜‰

A couple of shots from the other morning:



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Knitter, designer, tech editor, spinner sharing a home in the Missouri Ozarks with my husband (53 years and counting), 1 dog, 2 cats, and way too much stash!

5 thoughts on “More bits ‘n pieces

  1. Frozen custard is lovely, but I don’t recognize the name. We have Culver’s but Leon’s in Oshkosh is great and a local place.

    The redbud photo is especially gorgeous.

  2. Ted Drewes is strictly a St Louis business – they’ve been around since 1929 and it’s still the same family – very yummy! We also have Culver’s now, which is good, but not TD’s πŸ˜‰

  3. I love the little pink flowers. They seem so out of place there. But I guess that is the wonder that is nature.
    The town I grew up in had a couple of those trolley buses that they’d rent out and use for hoity-toity city promotional events.
    Your son loves trains? How much? Texas works on one. (that’s why he’s on the road)
    Happy Sunday!

  4. Lovely. Love the trolley bus. Cool idea instead of a limo. I adore the pink flowers near the moss. Neat shot.

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