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It might as well be …


Spring??? We went from warm weather and flowers on Tuesday (closeups taken with my “old” camera):

Forsythia; narcissus; glory-of-the-snow; daffodils.

Forsythia; narcissus; glory-of-the-snow; daffodils.

back to winter on Sunday morning!

Quince; hosta; daffodils; towhee.

Quince; hosta; daffodils; towhee.

That’s the same clump of daffodils, but they looked much better by Sunday afternoon, in fact the snow is almost all gone.

I’m nearly finished with one stealth project (which has to be shipped tomorrow – I still need to do a schematic!), just in time to start another. I’ve also made progress on my red sweater (last mentioned on Jan 31) – the 2nd sleeve is mostly done, so I should have the sweater finished just about in time for the weather to be too warm to wear it – go figure!


Author: joyknits

Knitter, designer, tech editor, spinner sharing a home in the Missouri Ozarks with my husband (53 years and counting), 1 dog, 2 cats, and way too much stash!

5 thoughts on “It might as well be …

  1. I used to hate the spring snow that always snuck up in March when I lived in PA. Everything would be blooming and wonderful and warm and then BLAMMMO! Spring is coming your way, I swear. The azaleas and rhodies and wisteria are in full bloom here. It’s a little odd – going from PA to Los Angeles, to the desert to here. I’m so gardener confused, I don’t know what to plant when!

  2. Snow is nature’s fertilizer. Everything is greening up and the bulbs and quince and forsythia are no worse for wear. Thankfully. The poor magnolia/tulip trees look a bit peaked, though. Happy Monday!

  3. I can recall snow storms in Wisconsin happening as late as mid-May, at which point it seems almost surreal. Let’s hope this is the last one you see for a while.

  4. Hurray for snow that melts! Lovely flowers.

  5. Your spring is way ahead of our spring! Our daffodils were just poking greens up, no more than .5 inches, when our snow came!

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