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Lace Scarf — Plan B


The second half of the lace scarf I started a couple of weeks ago is coming along, but it just underwent an on-the-fly revision. The original plan was to undo the crochet cast on, put the stitches on the needle and knit the 2nd half from there. After working a few rows, I found I simply couldn’t stand the resulting jog in the pattern alignment. Rrrrrip! Plan B is to work the 2nd half almost like the first, then undo the crochet cast ons and bind off the 2 halves together at the center. I’m hoping I’ve left a long enough end for the bind off 😉

Scarf - Part 2

Scarf - Part 2

In the latest installment of “what’s in the fridge,” I sautéd a large shallot, sweet red pepper, a few fresh shiitake mushrooms, and broccoli crowns, mixed with some orecchiette pasta, and topped with a little shredded white cheese.

Pasta, broccoli & peppers

Pasta, broccoli & peppers

Most of the frozen stuff was gone by this morning, though there was still a ridge where it had been piled up along the road. The pond still had ice on it, with neat reflections in the water on top of the ice.



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2 thoughts on “Lace Scarf — Plan B

  1. Food looks good. Very very good. The lace scarf is so pretty. I’m hoping you have enough for the bind-off, too;–) And, the ice should be completely gone by Wednesday night, after the deluge.

  2. Nice lace! Oh yes, and congratulations. In spite of the fact that I don’t usually participate in this sort of thing, you’ve received a blog award. Check out Under Sask Skies to find out more about this incredible, life-altering honour. Thanks for your blog- I really enjoy reading it.

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