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More shawl


Samantha’s Shawl is getting to the point where each round takes a pretty long time to complete – I’m nearly at the end of the 10th repeat of the 12-round pattern [a Feather and Fan/Old Shale variation], but I think it needs a couple more repeats, and then I may call it done. It will be finished off with a fairly narrow garter stitch border to allow the the pattern to ripple/do its thing. I wound the 3rd skein of Alpaca Sox last night. I haven’t quite run out of the 2nd skein yet, but it’s getting close, and I’m still really lovin’ the yarn!  A small amount of progress has also been made on a certain sweater sleeve.

9 reps done.

Yesterday afternoon, the driveway looked like this:

Driveway 2/05

Driveway 2/05

This afternoon, after 2 days without freezing temps, and 50’s and even 60’s, while most of the snow along and across the road was gone, an awful lot of that ice is still there in the driveway. Admittedly it’s getting mushier (and messier) but I sure wish it would Just.Go.Away!!!

I need to take food to an event tomorrow, and decided to try a shortcut. I bought some Nestlé Toll House cookie dough (Valentine Swirled Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Fudgy Brownies), and you know what? It’s not bad – not quite the same as homemade, but a pretty good shortcut.

I just happened to look out in time to see this earlier …



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5 thoughts on “More shawl

  1. The shawl is coming along beautifully. UGH! Snow and ice. GO AWAY! I think 5 years in CA and now living here has made me soft. I couldn’t imagine trudging through snow.

  2. You are so not gonna have that this evening!!!! I love the shawl. Would it help if I changed my name to Samantha;–) And, I agree, the ready-to-go Tollhouse cookie dough rocks in a pinch. Otherwise, I’d rather do from scratch, but I’m a pain that way.

  3. Samantha’s shawl looks lovely. Nice color, if the monitor is true. But I’m a sucker for anything green. 😀

    I would love to see 60 degrees but we had around 45 degrees today which is lovely. Your mess should soon be gone.

  4. Very pretty shawl progress!

  5. The shawl is beautiful. Love the color and the pattern!

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