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When the knitting gets tough …

the tough cast on another project. My sweater was suffering from neckius über-loosius (since ripped and reknitted with a smaller needle), the shawl is over 100 sts per quadrant now, and I really wanted something smaller to play with. I’ve been looking at all the neat projects on Seasons of Lace, and just had to start a new scarf, using sock weight yarn from my stash.  The pattern is adapted from one of the Japanese knitting books, and I changed little bobbles to nupps, which I think look much nicer. I used a crochet cast-on, and the lace point needles are great for completing the nupps—it would be really hard to get into all the loops on the wrong side row without the tapered points.

Lace Scarf

Lace Scarf


Scarf detail: Nupps

I’ve been meaning to mention my new favorite hat – I noticed it at Lowe’s, but only saw it in camo the first time, which didn’t really appeal, but on the next trip I saw just 1 navy 2-LED verson, and it came home with me. It’s absolutely great for walking Toby at night – no need to juggle a flashlight. With the cold weather, I’ve had to come up with creative additions so I don’t freeze, but combined with a heavy hoodie jacket, a neck gaiter and a muffler a few times, it’s working out very well.


Happy Chinese New Year!