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Sweater progress

The sweater is making progress, although I’m not really satisfied with the neckband. The yarn is 85% wool, but the silk (10%) and cashmere (5%) content that makes it feel so yummy, also makes the yarn behave more like cotton, so I may have to go back and reknit the neck ribbing on an even smaller needle than I already used (3.5mm/US4). Of course this only became apparent after I sewed it down 😦


I had a request for a photo of the finished shawl for the Samantha’s Shawl KAL for Seasons of Lace, which unfortunately, I can’t do until I finish the current version. The original was lost somewhere along the line, but this is a half-shawl swatch I worked up in worsted weight that shows the pattern and the edges. While it was pinned out, I got several helpful remarks from Himself about making a Bat Cape … though I must admit that it does have a bat-like shape 😉

Swatch for Samantha's Shawl KAL

Swatch for Samantha's Shawl KAL

On the home front, after a nice big wok-ful of MaPoTofu for lunch, I changed the sheets. Maggie thought it was all lovely fun and just had to help out.


Added: The recipe I use is from Chinese Cuisine. The original uses tofu, green onion, ginger, garlic, ground pork, hot bean paste, soy sauce and a wee bit of “cooking wine or sherry”. I use rice wine, and usually add black bean paste with garlic, and mushrooms—fresh shiitakes if I have them, or dried ones, which I always have in the pantry. It’s topped with green onion tops and a sprinkle of ground Szechuan peppercorns. The meat is more of a seasoning, rather than the main event and the hot bean paste should be approached with caution, as it can be very spicy in quantity!

Helping make the bed.

Helping make the bed.

Not that it’s supposed to last, but we’re having a couple of lovely spring-like days and a chance to get outside and see what’s out there. I’ve been wanting to photograph this seedpod for quite some time.

ETA: I’ve been doing some research this morning, and I think the seedpod is probably from climbing milkweed – it looks like what I would usually think of as bindweed, so I may have pulled a lot of it as weeds 😉