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Actual knitting!


Now that I’ve gotten the most recent batch of almost-late work out of here, I’m hoping to get back to my knitting. I have to finish a little on some stealth knitting, but once that’s done, I’ve got a shawl (green), a pair of very red socks, and a red (a little more subdued than the socks) sweater on the needles.

The sweater is Queensland Collection Kathmandu “DK” which is some seriously nice stuff (85% merino, 10% silk, 5% cashmere), but at 5 sts/inch, I don’t think it’s DK! My original plan was for a pullover, but since it’s knitting up more like worsted weight, I’m thinking maybe it may need to be a cardigan, so I can wear it. Fortunately I can work on the back while I figure that out. The color is darker and more between cranberry and barn red than it looks in the photo.

My new sweater-to-be.

My new sweater-to-be.

Thanks to a couple of blog entries, I found out about the neat Starbucks mug, sent out hints, and found one under the tree Christmas morning. So far it’s seen more tea than coffee, but it’s handling it well.



Pretty sky!


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4 thoughts on “Actual knitting!

  1. Lovely new sweater, I agree, their DK is on the light end of worsted but still wonderful, even better when it’s washed.

  2. I knit the Logan River wrap in the Queensland and I love it!! It feels more worsted than DK though, I agree. And, Joan is absolutely dead on. It softens up really well, but still holds stitch definition and shape. I’m jealous about the mug;–)

  3. Love the sweater. And I now know why one would ever knit on in pieces! Had it been me, I’d have cast on in the round, and converting to cardigan would be more challenging. Not all patterns steek happily….

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