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I’m reading …

and really enjoying An Irish Country Christmas by Patrick Taylor. I’m having to read it in bits and pieces here and there, though I’d love to sit down and just read it right through. There was a scene early in the story where the cat, Lady MacBeth, knocked over a pitcher of milk, then jumped up to the top of the drapes – the mayhem that ensued when she came down gave new meaning to ROFL – I had tears in my eyes, I was laughing so hard. Then another, where the doctor’s black lab (Arthur Guiness) ran out on the rugby field during a game and made off with the ball … I love the characters (and some of them are really characters!), and plan to find the previous 2 books as soon as I can.

I’m nearly done with the green Trekking socks, and have a serious yen to start something else for trip and visiting knitting, but I’m not sure there’s anything suitable in the stash – gee, I wonder if I can fit in a little stash enhancement on Saturday? I’ve been seeing several yarns that looked really good …

Yu Shiang (yuxiang) Eggplant

Yu Shiang (yuxiang) Eggplant

Last Saturday, we had lunch in Kirkwood (St. Louis County) at a little place we like called Steak & Rice. We shared an order of potstickers, then Himself had Duck with 8 Precious (shrimp, krab and a bunch of other ingredients) and I had Yu Shiang Eggplant with Pork – it’s so good, I hardly ever get anything else there. I would really love to figure out what’s in the sauce, because that’s what pulls the whole dish together. I’ve found a recipe in Mrs. Chiang’s Szechwan Cookbook by Ellen Schrecker (Β©1976; a gift from a friend years ago) that sounds like it could be in the right neighborhood, but I suppose some research may be necessary πŸ˜‰

As an antidote to the really icky weather outside, here are a couple more orchid pictures. I’m so glad it decided to bloom now, instead of while we’re gone to Kansas City over Christmas!

blooms are about 1" across

Mini Cattleya: blooms are about 1" across