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I think it might be winter!


It was 12F when I got up this morning, and only got up to 16F this afternoon. Not so cold, I’m sure, for those of you farther north, but pretty chilly for southeast Missouri in December. We got some ice overnight, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as originally predicted, for which we’re thankful. It was, however, slicker than it looked. I found myself very suddenly flat on my back in the middle of the driveway – no damage as far as I can tell, but certainly an unwelcome surprise! The birds have been emptying the feeders pretty fast, so it’s a good thing we got another bag of sunflower seed the other day.

On Ravelry, I recently mentioned drafting the Border Leicester fleece I’ve been spinning, and had a question  about it, so I’ve added a page with a short video clip of the process, if it’s helpful to anyone.

There were some nice goodies in the mailbox today. My order from Nancy Bush at Wooly West came –  I got her Knitted Lace of Estonia, plus a pair of 2-size sock blockers (these are 9.5 and 10″ – a different size on each end) and a really cute sock blocker needle gauge (~3¾” overall) that I simply couldn’t resist.

sockblockers sockgauge

After I brought the house plants in from their summer outside, I noticed bud stalks on 2 Mini Cattleya plants. They spend the winter under lights in the basement, but one of the buds was open today 🙂 (Note: The flowers on this measure a maximum of 1″ across – we’re talking seriously mini here!)


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6 thoughts on “I think it might be winter!

  1. I live on Vancouver Island in Canada. We got our first taste of winter here as well with 12″ of snow in 2 days.

  2. That’s goshdarn cold, no matter where you are! Be careful on the ice! (Right, like you’re not careful, I know…) Awesome sock blockers!

  3. A flower? How cool is that? You fell? Damn. That sucks. Poor kid. Hope you aren’t too bruised. I understand about the birds. They are going crazy in our yard, too. Take care!

  4. The sock blocker needle gauge is so cute.
    We’re not as cold as you are! Stay warm!

  5. I’m so glad you are alright after that fall! Snow I can handle. Ice not so much.

  6. We’re in the deep freeze also, both ice, cold, and snow. It’s nice to be in with a warm fire and a hot drink–and knitting! Nancy Bush’s new book is on my wish list and I think I’ll be ordering it soon!

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