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We’re still working on that huge turkey – I commented that I was considering getting a slightly smaller bird next year (perhaps a mere 18# instead of 22#?) but Himself didn’t seem too keen on that idea, so he’d better not fuss about eating turkey soup, turkey and gravy, turkey casserole …

Turkey SoupI seem to be the only one working on the leftover pecan pie, fortunately it keeps pretty well. Just add whipped cream. :)Chocolate Kahlua Pecan Pie

The weather’s currently got the construction project stalled – next step is to pour the basement floor, and there haven’t been enough warmer days in a row to do it. It doesn’t help that we got a late start because it kept raining. (/whine)

Knitting is mostly for a deadline project, but I have been spinning some nice Border Leicester roving that’s aged in the stash for a couple of years. No specific project in mind yet – I guess I’ll see what it wants to be.

Border Leicester Roving

Border Leicester singles

I was poking around YouTube (looking for a particular Christmas song, but haven’t found a version I like yet), but I did find To Morrow, an old Kingston Trio number, and the scary thing is that I remember most of the lyrics, which are a bit of a brain twister.

Friday Evening Sky

Friday Evening Sky