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Winding down …

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from a busy few days. We had a great visit with our daughter, son-in-law and grandkids. The rest of the family wasn’t able to come, but we did manage to catch up with everyone by phone at some point. It was good to have them here, and the critters got along well most of the time, except when Stella (white poodle, still fairly wound at 1.5 yrs) stuck her nose in Amber’s face once too often, and got swatted.

Friday was a beautiful day (unlike today, which has been gloomy, grey and spitting either sleet or snow all day), so most of us went for a walk in the woods, while Himself and our son-in-law hung out at the house. We used to go for hikes and picnics back there a lot when our kids were around the ages our grandkids are now πŸ™‚

We had more construction progress Friday β€” they put boards around the top of the walls and installed the beam that runs the length of the basement. It was neat to watch, and it has to take a lot of practice to lift and fit the pieces into place as smoothly as they did.

For anyone looking for a way to use up leftover turkey (or chicken, ham or …. ?), I found this recipe for Turkey & Dumplings. This is what I grew up thinking of as dumplings, while around here and in many places, dumplings = thick noodles. The recipe I’ve always used cooks them on top of the stove, half the time covered, half uncovered, but this one cooks them in the oven, which I want to try. Since I rarely have buttermilk on hand, it’s nice that there are a couple of suggested substitutions (diluted plain yogurt or sour cream).


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One thought on “Winding down …

  1. There’s just nothing like family time. It’s the best part of the holidays.

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