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At last …

another stealth knitting project revealed. The Meilenweit Multieffekt yarn that followed me home this summer made a fun pair of socks. Since they’ve gone to their new home (a birthday gift – she likes them!), I can show them now. They’re in Georgia’s Pattern from Ribbing-Plain & Fancy.

Meilenweit MultiEffekt #3122

Meilenweit MultiEffekt #3122

A couple of happy dance things: Lace Leaf Cardigan in the February 2009 Knit ‘N Style (4th row, center), and my friends tell me that Fade to Grey is in Knitter’s Winter 2008 edition, even though my copy’s still floating around out there in the mail somewhere. [ETA: My copy finally came on Saturday!]

I’ve been on a cookie-baking kick lately – the latest batch was Snickerdoodles, using the recipe from my old Betty Crocker looseleaf cookbook. It has lots of annotations, additions, some cooking spills, and also a lot of the little round page reinforcements to keep the pages from falling out, but it’s my main go-to most of the time. Himself really went after these, even though there’s no chocolate involved, just cookie dough, rolled in sugar and cinnamon πŸ˜‰


Progress in the construction zone – the basement walls were poured on Tuesday. They finished removing and hauling away the forms yesterday, and it looks more and more like a basement all the time. It was in the teens last night and the only reason our water didn’t freeze (the line from the well is still on the ground) is that we left it running a little all night. Next step is to seal the walls, and I suspect that doesn’t work very well in the cold.walls
I’m trying out a new place for the birdfeeder that’s not too far from this window. I think Amber approves of the Kitty TV β€” there was a whole lot of tail swishing going on πŸ˜‰

New bird feeder location!

New bird feeder location!