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Warning …


clicking on Ravelry links can lead to impulse stash enhancement! I saw lovely yarn and I should have known better, but I clicked anyway.

Angel Blue

Leprechaun Lace: Angel Blue

Very quickly (great service!), this beautiful skein of laceweight alpaca/silk/cashmere (~1300 yds/100g) and a nice set of stitch markers appeared in the mailbox from Ellie at So far I’m still just petting it and waiting for it to tell me (more specifically than just lace) what it wants to be, as simply winding it will be a long-term commitment.

Since I finished the Regia socks, I dug another ball of Trekking (it’s a little darker than it looks here) out of the stash and started another pair of socks. They’ll probably end up as a gift 😉

Trekking #175

Trekking #175

We had pretty good progress on the construction yesterday, at least until it started raining. The guys gave up after a while, and since today was the beginning of deer season, I really didn’t expect them to be back today. Maybe Monday … at least we’re getting closer.

Today was cloudy all day, with bits of sleet/snow/yuck during the afternoon, but Thursday evening, the sky was gorgeous!

sunset11 sunset2 sunset3


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7 thoughts on “Warning …

  1. Pretty pretty sky!

    Pretty pretty yarn — but you’re not going to lure me into that pit of temptation… not even with pictures.


    I must be strong… for if I click from here, I’ll click there, and soon… there will by laceweight in my mailbox!

  2. Your sky was prettier than ours. Ugh. We did get our stove and you will get your foundation. Maybe, Tuesday (depending on that deer season thing). I love the new sock and your new yarn is absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Gorgeous sky, and equally gorgeous yarn!! A happy day indeed!

  4. Very pretty sky!

    I’ll bet that alpaca/silk/cashmere feels even more glorious than it looks!

  5. You are an enabler of the worst description.

    I love the little glimmers of purple in that Trekking.

  6. Beautiful sky, Joy! Love the Trekking sock.

  7. The sunset photos are outstanding! They look like calendar shots.

    You would have to have a yarn-heart of stone to not be seduced by the siren call of that beautiful yarn!

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