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A shopping spree


Saturday we had lunch at John D. McGurk’s Pub – yummy clam chowder, soda bread and fish & chips! (I didn’t realize until just now that my knitting bag and our leftovers were in the photo πŸ˜‰ )

mcgurks sodabread

The next stop was Soulard Market. Many of the vendors have been there for a long time, and it’s really fun to visit with them. Our main objective was to order a turkey for Thanksgiving β€” several years ago we decided to order a fresh bird from someone at the market, and have done it ever since, they’ve been so good! While we were there, we had to see what else was available, and asparagus, mushrooms, a head of cauliflower, a stewing hen, some really meaty-looking ham hocks, a case of Himself’s favorite Pink Lady apples, and a few other edibles came home with us. The hen and ham hocks went right into the freezer, and I need to get some of the rest cooked soon!

The construction is creeping along – there are now some forms in the hole and a forest of wall-high reinforcing rods wired to the shorter ones set in the footings. The weather forecast doesn’t sound really encouraging for this week, so I’ve got my fingers crossed (at least mentally, otherwise it’s too hard to knit).

I went outside alone earlier, but look who was watching through a slightly fogged-up door (it’s chilly!) …




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4 thoughts on “A shopping spree

  1. Cute watchpuppy. Your lunch sounds good. I am curious-how do you use ham hocks? the only thing I have done with them is make a broth, chill it and skim off the fat. I end up eating bits of ham when I cook them.

  2. Haven’t been to Soulard in at least 20 years. It is a bit of a drive and I’m usually booked on Saturdays. Sounds wonderful. So does lunch. And Toby looks like Grover when it’s cold outside. He watches from the warmth. Hope they get hopping on the foundation walls.

  3. Oh, yum! Edible treasures!


  4. Ahhh Soulard!
    I have great memories of Soulard.
    They’ve inspired a post… so I don’t eat all your bandwidth with my memory lane…

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