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Some progress …

on several fronts. I plied a 2nd bobbin of the merino/silk, then another until one bobbin of singles ran out. Of course I didn’t come out even β€” there’s still some left on the other bobbin, so I guess it’s time to wind the rest into a ball, and ply from both ends of that. The first 2 skeins together are about 1024 yds, so there will be plenty for a pretty good-sized something. Toby was very relaxed while I was spinning πŸ˜‰

Laid back!

Laid back!

We’ve also had construction progress. Saturday we had a couple of concrete trucks in the driveway (what a mess!) and they poured the footings. This morning they took the forms off, and we’re waiting for the next step. I’m just hoping we get the water line, etc. back underground before the weather turns into winter.


In spite of the frost, we still have some color, and we had a beautiful Saturday evening sky!

burningbush sat_sky

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