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Yellow Garden Spider

Yellow Garden Spider

This is a Yellow Garden Spider who has taken up residence on the side of the garage. She/he disappeared when it got cold, but then was back as soon as it warmed up, so must have found someplace close that’s sheltered. The Missouri Conservationist featured an article by Joel Vance on spiders that I found interesting.

There is progess in the construction zone, not as much as I’d like, of course, but we’re getting close to concrete – the forms for the footings are done, and the concrete guy was out this morning, checking access for the concrete truck.

Added Sat am: We have concrete! The footings are mostly poured now, and they’ll finish them today πŸ™‚

Forms for the footings

Forms for the footings

I’ve finally gotten all the merino/silk blend roving spun, and plied 1 skein. The bobbins are big, so there’s a lot more on there – possibly 2 more skeins like this one. I guess the next thing is to figure out what it wants to be. I’m thinking something lace πŸ™‚ Note: The color is quite a bit darker than it appears here.

Merino/silk blend yarn

Merino/silk blend yarn

The last of summer and a bit of fall; the upper right and lower left are seed pods on the hardy begonia.


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4 thoughts on “Boo!

  1. Oh my word, Joy, that spider photo is the spookiest Halloween photo I’ve come across today.

    When Rob and I lived in St. Louis, we had a resident recluse spider. She absolutely fascinated me, but I was terrified of her at the same time. I did, after all, have toddlers playing right near where she set up housekeeping. I was torn – I didn’t want her to bite one of my children, but I also didn’t want one of my children to upset her perfect little world.

    Your yarn is gorgeous. Just gorgeous. And thank you for visiting me and leaving a nice comment. Please drop in any time!

  2. So very pretty (the yarn, not the hole). And, your garden spider looks like Bertha, a garden spider that spent 2 months spinning webs on our deck last year. I miss her.

  3. Beautiful handspun, Joy. I would love to sniff it and rub my face in it. πŸ˜‰ Your autumn photographs are lovely.

  4. Spiders don’t really bother me too much but I can’t even begin to tell you how much those garden spiders always freak me out. I know they’re harmless, but I still hate ’em.

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