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A fun visit …

except it was much too short. A while back I had an email from Edie Eckman that she was going to be in Kansas City and St. Louis, doing a book tour for her new book, could we get together? Well sure we could work something out!

So we [Himself & I – you can see us on Edie’s blog] took off for the city on Tuesday morning, picked her up at her hotel, had lunch at McGurk’s (one of our favorite places to eat), did some running around including the Art Museum, then finished off with frozen custard at Ted Drewe’s (much less crowded on Tuesday than on Saturday!), before dropping Edie back at her hotel so she could get ready for the book signing at Knitorious. We had a great time, I just wish we’d had more time to visit.

On the way to St. Louis and back, I finished the Trekking Ribbed Socks (Ravelry link), and started another pair with some Regia Mosaik Color #5558 – nice colors, but the color’s not doing anything like the photo on the label. Pictures to follow.

It’s supposed to turn cold overnight tomorrow, so I scurried around and brought in the houseplants – whew! I’m glad it’s only once to get them out in the spring, and once to bring them in in the fall!