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2 Scoops …

with the big Cat excavator = 1 truckload, and a whole lot of truckloads came out of this hole! We weren’t sure if we’d have a basement under the addition until they started digging, but after much pounding/rock breaking today, there will be a basement. Now we’ve got our fingers crossed that we won’t get much rain while it’s all dug out!

New basement

New basement-to-be

With Amber’s supervision (Himself was making interesting noises that she just had to check out) the new dishwasher is finally working – notice the lights – yay! It has a setting for washing just the top rack, which looks like it will be ideal for us most of the time, and it does a great job.

Maintenance Guy's helper

The Helper

We have lights & action!

We have lights & action!

Saturday, I finished the first Trekking sock in the car, and started the 2nd one. I don’t have a good photo of the sock yet, but there sure were some neat clouds!

Saturday clouds

Saturday clouds