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Changes & a Fall Drive

We’ve been talking about adding on to the house for a number of years – a new kitchen, master bedroom, more than just 1 bathroom … then when we finally got ready to do it, it’s just kept on raining, and raining. So one machine showed up yesterday and dug around, largely locating the water and septic lines (and making a lot of mud), then bright and early today, a much bigger machine arrived and is making much bigger holes (and even more mud!). It looks like we will be able to have a pretty good basement underneath, although given how rocky it is, we weren’t sure until they started digging. When we dig around here, something old usually comes up; this time, we found an old hoe and a sad iron. I think things are going to be in an uproar for quite some time.

Stealth knitting revealed! Now that these socks have been gifted, I can show them; they turned out really bright and cheerful πŸ˜‰ The yarn is OnLine Supersocke 100, Savanne-Color (color #1033) which I picked up in Wisconsin this summer. Nice to knit.

Yesterday afternoon, we took a drive down south of here – a machine shop customer asked Himself to take a look at a big ‘dozer with problems (bigger than either of the ones here). While the guys were discussing ways to fix it, I wandered around and took pictures*. We also saw some neat longhorn cattle in a field, but with after-school traffic and no shoulders at all on the road, stopping wasn’t an option.

*ETA: I thought the graphic on the back of the truck was amusing πŸ˜‰