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I think fall is on the way!

Remember the butterfly weed? The seed pods are splitting open now, more and more leaves are starting to turn color, and I don’t remember ever seeing as many mushrooms as there have been during this unusually wet year. It looks like the volunteer melon in the compost is probably a watermelon. I doubt there’s enough time left for it to mature, as our average first frost is around the 15th of this month.

I finished the 2nd stealth knitting project in the car this afternoon and ran out of knitting (eek!), so I’m reviving a well-aged UFO (started October 2005) and will try to finish it before something else shows up. There are a couple of spots in this pattern where it’s way too easy to go the wrong way with the next row, which is why it was put in a corner time out in the first place – I’ll just have to remember to watch it more carefully, because I love the color (quite a bit greener than the photo shows) and the pattern, in spite of its troublesome ways.

Amber frequently keeps me company when I’m at the computer, but the light was just too much for her the other evening πŸ˜‰