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Actual knitting content!

Finally some knitting I can write about! One of the previous stealth-knitting projects is now published, so I can mention that my Cabled Hearts Pullover is in the December issue of Knit ‘N Style (3rd row down in the gallery). The yarn is Super Tajmahal from Plymouth (merino superfine, silk and just a bit of cashmere) – it’s one of those yarns you’d just love to roll in πŸ˜‰ There’s a lot more knitting going on, but it’s either gifties or for future publication, so I can’t share yet.

I use the long-tail cast on for practically everything, and I’ve always used the same side as the right side (top) until recently when I decided that I prefer the look of the “wrong” or bumpy side (bottom) with K1, P1 Rib. Which one do you prefer?

Which side do you prefer?

Which side do you like?

The weather’s been pleasant, and at least for the moment, not raining. I’ve been appreciating the amazing (I’ve used this word a lot!) difference in colors since I had the first cataract surgery, but it has been a challenge to work with 1 farsighted (new) eye and 1 very nearsighted (old) eye, so it will be nice to get the 2nd one done and have a matched set next week!

Meanwhile, here are some of the colors I’ve been enjoying. With all the rain we’ve had this year, there have been bumper crops of mushrooms, persimmons (the birds love them), walnuts and mosquitos (they were swarming around the tomatoes for some reason), and a volunteer melon in the compost.

We’ve ordered a new dishwasher. Of course it wasn’t in stock … it should be in next week. Can’t wait!