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On Friday Nora asked, “What are you reading?” It’s been fun to follow the comments, and I’m glad to see that I wasn’t the only one not entirely satisfied with the ending of The Friday Night Knitting Club, but it’s also interesting to see that there haven’t been any spoilers 😉 I’d love to see this thread continue!

I’ve been reading Andrew Greeley’s Irish series, starting with the first one, Irish Gold. Since I had the opportunity to go to Ireland last year (loved it and would like to go again someday), the titles caught my eye at the library. The main characters are Dermot Coyne, an Irish-American from Chicago, and Nuala Anne McGrail, whom he meets in Dublin. She’s psychic/fey, and her visions get them involved in searching for the truth about historic mysteries/murders, interwoven with dealing with a present day problem. As the later books refer to the previous ones a bit, I think they’re best read in order. There’s a list on his website.

I’m having fun reading them, and the author has done his homework. He gives a lot of background on the older crimes, some in Ireland, some in the Chicago area, and has been careful to separate historic fact from his speculations.

Definitely some signs of fall here, and Toby got a big bunch of burr-ish things stuck around his ears – I ended up having to cut some of them out of his ear tufts.


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2 thoughts on “Books ‘n things

  1. I can’t remember the title of the book I’m reading. I get a few pages in and fall asleep. At this rate, I’ll be reading the same darned book for 10 years. Fall has definitely arrived here, too. I touched the burning bush yesterday and bunches of leaves just floated off. I’m sorry about Toby’s ears. Grover is so big and his legs so long that very little touches his body, much less his head;-)

  2. I just started another Philippa Gregory, having enjoyed the first so much! It’s called The Queen’s Fool. It’s feeling like fall here, too… my favorite!

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