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A Mighty Hunter


I’m not sure why I went to the back door when I did yesterday morning, but this is what greeted me:

Hmm ...

Hmm ...

This is one of a pair of clogs I keep under the cabinet by the back door, in a not entirely successful effort to reduce the amount of mud/grass/general yuck that gets tracked in from outside. You have to understand that Amber seems to have a shoe fetish-she will periodically stuff her nose into one of my clogs (eeyew!), then grab it with her front paws and bunny-kick it with her hind feet, but she doesn’t usually pull the footbed out.

While I was wondering about the shoe, she started sniffing around the edges of a couple of containers sitting on the floor. When I investigated, I discovered a small skink (lizard – great bug control!) trying to be invisible. After a rather spirited chase, I was able to pop a wide mouth pint jar (approx 2 3/4″ in diameter at the bottom) over it. Notice that the tail (isn’t the blue gorgeous?) does not have a very pointy end, as is normal, suggesting that Amber at least got a little nip. I guess it must have first tried to hide in or under the shoes, before Amber pulled them out.

Small 5-Lined Skink

Small 5-Lined Skink

I released it some distance away from the house, in hopes of avoiding a repeat performance, but they do hang out around the back porch. It must be hatching season, because there was another, much smaller one today, but I got it too, much to Amber’s frustration and annoyance. She hung out back there for quite a while, evidently looking for more excitement.

The ribbed socks are done! I really like the yarn (Meilenweit Cotton), and can easily imagine knitting more of it. I hope it wears as well as it knits.

Ribbed Socks

Ribbed Socks

Author: joyknits

Knitter, designer, tech editor, spinner sharing a home in the Missouri Ozarks with my husband (53 years and counting), 1 dog, 2 cats, and way too much stash!

5 thoughts on “A Mighty Hunter

  1. Beautiful socks. Gorgeous skink. Are they endangered, too? I love the pic of Amber watching the offending clog. I bet you feel better knowing she’s on duty.

  2. Good job on getting a picture of the skink. I have a lot of them around here but they move too fast for me to get a picture so I don’t even try.

  3. oh pretty lizard. We dont have any like that here.

  4. Wow what a pretty lizard. How lucky you are to see such things around your home!
    Is that yarn cotton and something stretchy?

  5. I remember those blue-tailed skinks from my summer camp days in the Missouri Ozarks. It was always a thrill to see one and even better to catch one.

    The socks look great!

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