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As ye knit …

So shall ye frog – especially when one has been knitting inattentively! The sleeve for my current stealth knitting project has been most uncooperative, and I think I’ve variously either tinked or ripped it back at least 4 times now, so it’s currently on time out until tomorrow.

On a happier knitting note, here’s my current lace project – it’s the merino/silk laceweight that followed me home from Wisconsin, and it’s knitting up quite nicely. The only problem I’m having is a bit of a coordination issue when switching between worsted weight yarn on size 6 needles, and practically-sewing-thread on the same size 6 needles. It seems to take my fingers a row or 2 to adjust to the change. It won’t be coming along as quickly as I’d like, as other projects keep jumping in line ahead of it.

We went to St. Louis today, had a nice lunch, then made our usual stop at Global Food Market in Kirkwood for a few things. I love their produce, and the double-sided tea aisle is just amazing! Much of their stock is arranged by country of origin, so you often find similar products in more than one aisle – sort of a mini world tour.

No trip is complete without dessert, so last stop was Ted Drewes on old Route 66 for frozen custard – yum!