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This ‘n that …

I’ve been whizzing right along on the socks. The 2nd one is almost as far along as the photo of the first sock from last Friday, as it’s the only auto-pilot knitting on hand right now. The lace pattern isn’t suited either to travel or tv-watching.

Gloria commented on the spindles and fiber in the previous post, and asked about BFL. All of it that I’ve ever fondled has been very soft, and I love spinning and knitting it. The current batch seems to have a staple length of about 5-6″ and should spin up very nicely. I previously spun some dark brown and it made a lovely stole that I really enjoy.

For more information, here are a couple of links. Oklahoma State University has a great resource here: Breeds of Livestock – Bluefaced Leicester Sheep; and from a breeders’ association: BFLBA: Wool: The Bluefaced Leicester is classified as a Longwool breed with a staple length of 3- 6”, a fleece weight of 3 to 6 lbs., and a fiber diameter of 56s – 60s count, or 24-28 microns, creating high quality luster yarns with beautiful drape.

The other day, in Undercover, Judy G wrote about gift knitting making poor blog fodder. That really resonated, because knitting for publication means I can’t share projects I’m really enthused about until they are published, which is usually several months away. Guess I’ll just have to knit some other stuff I can chat about.

Hollyhocks; Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Hollyhocks; Cedarburg, Wisconsin

PS. As I was writing this grab-bag of bits & pieces, I was strongly reminded of Barbara Walker’s Charted Knitting, one of my very favorite knitting books – it contains a section titled “Uncharted Miscellany” πŸ˜‰