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Back from Camp

… and trying madly to catch up with everything, plus our kids and grandkids will be in the area next week, so it’s nutz around here! Still have to organize photos, etc.

If you’re not already following Franklin at The Panopticon, be sure to take a look at the entries about Camp (July 29 and 31). It was a delight to meet him, and his entry in the contest was 3 amazing miniature EZ sweaters – wow!

Also, take a look at Kim’s photos of Oft Timers Camp – there’s one of my sweater that I finished for the trip to Ireland last fall, and I’m also in the spinners’ corner, working on my 10 Minutes a Day.

Some sky shots for a Saturday – the first 3 were taken on the way to my friend’s house before Camp; the wind turbines (#4) have been added since I visited her last year; after Camp, we went over to Oshkosh, where we saw the Goodyear blimp tethered on the grounds of the EAA; the last one was off to the side as I was driving home through northern Illinois – it was even darker and scarier looking out the back, but I couldn’t get a shot of that. I was just extremely thankful that it stayed behind me!