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Oh Hail!

Did we ever get pounded yesterday afternoon! It got darker and darker, and the wind kept rising, and then it hailed like I’ve never experienced before, and I’d just as soon pass on a repeat performance, Most of the hail storms have been of the hit-and-run variety – nasty while they last, but over quickly. This one went on nonstop for at least 5 solid minutes, and seemed much longer than that.

The gutter on the front of the house overflowed, I think because of the sheer volume, as Himself had recently cleaned it. There are leaves all over the place, but fortunately no broken branches, etc. In spite of the quantity, the hail wasn’t huge, but probably in the dime-size range. All in all, there’s been so much worse weather around this year, so we got off pretty well, considering.

It sure didn’t do the plants any good. Remember how nice Guacamole looked? The after picture isn’t pretty – it got shredded, along with several other plants, and my mint and basil all look bruised. I suspect they’ll recover, but it may take a while.

Then right afterwards, the sun came out and the sky to the north cleared off completely, like nothing had happened, but the view to the south was another story.