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Murphy & Me …

Murphy is definitely alive and well in SE Missouri!

Example 1: This morning, I set my tall mug down to get some ice out of the freezer [bottom mount drawer-type freezer with the ice maker in the upper drawer – no one told me that it would throw ice cubes on the floor practically every time I open it!], then bumped the mug coming back with the ice cubes. The plus side is that the floor got an unscheduled cleaning.

Example 2: The self-propelled sickle bar mower is still out in the shop for repairs. Himself went to town for bolts yesterday, but the farm store didn’t have what he needed, so he had to order them – they’re due on the UPS truck tomorrow. Meanwhile the grass continues to grow – it’s mostly fescue and orchard grass, literally hay or pasture grasses, but it’s what grows here. Now if only he doesn’t get too swamped with other folks’ repair jobs – remember the story about the shoemaker’s children going barefoot πŸ˜‰ (Wednesday: It’s fixed – hooray!)

Thanks to Carole for coming up with Ten Minutes a Day! It may be just the nudge I need to get back to spinning – it’s been neglected for much too long. I’ve set my S-10 up, and am working on filling a 2nd bobbin with grey Border Leicester to be plied with more that’s already on the other bobbin. As an incentive, I found 16 oz of really nice 80% merino/20% tussah silk in garnet that’s been in the stash a while [Ebay purchase in 2004 – it’s still in the shipping envelope!]. It looks like it might want to be lace in some form or other. A whole pound is probably a tad much for a shawl – maybe a cardigan?

Here’s the last fleece I got – I really didn’t expect this much help getting it ready to ship to the processor.
Fleece ... the new catnip!