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One deadline down, and the next one is a week later than I thought it was. A very pleasant surprise, as long as I don’t relax too much, which frequently gets me into trouble. I goofed off a little too much with the last one, which put me into the stratospheric realm of next day shipping 😦

Having gotten the most urgent project out of the way, I’ve been trying to make progress on the yard, at least as much as I can between rains. We haven’t had nearly as much as some other areas, but it has been enough to make the grass grow like mad, and stay too wet to cut most of the time. An added issue is that Himself currently has our elderly sickle bar mower out in the shop for repairs, so we’re down to a 20″ rotary mower (a bit souped up, but not self-propelled) – I’m hoping it won’t take too much longer to fix the other one. At least I’ve gotten enough cut that we’re no longer in danger of losing Toby out there – the grass was getting that tall.

I’ve been working on the cabled socks and only have about another 2″ to go before starting the toe shaping. Naturally I don’t want to run out of sock yarn πŸ˜‰ so while we were up in St. Louis today, I picked up a ball of Tofutsies (blues>greens) and some Maizy (earth) to try. I’m still thinking about doing another lace project, since I had so much fun with Moth Wings.

Outside everything seems overwhelmingly green, but there are spots of color if you look around – here are a few of them, plus the Friday evening sky, which had some clouds and gorgeous colors.