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Musings on Moth Wings

I’ve been mulling over why I enjoyed knitting Moth Wings so much. Some of the contributing factors (in no particular order):

  1. No deadline (very unusual for me).
  2. A super-nice yarn that had not a single knot (!) throughout the entire project, and I loved the color, not always the case where it’s someone else’s choice (see #5).
  3. I lucked into a good pattern choice – interesting enough, but not so complicated that I had to go off in a corner to keep track of it. Also, with a 12-row repeat, it was easy to see progress.
  4. Although I never formally joined Knit with Nora, I was kind of “stealth” knitting along, and watching other knitters’ lace projects grow.
  5. The social aspects of having a project I can blog about – it was really fun getting feedback as I went. Many of the things I knit are for publication, with copyright issues involved. I doubt sneak previews would go over well with the purchasers of the designs, although maybe I’ll ask around at the trade show this weekend. Moth Wings will definitely go with me! πŸ˜‰

I should be getting my stuff ready to go to TNNA on Friday … so here I am writing a post – eh??? The weather forecast isn’t all that great – I just hope things will be running more or less on time, as I really don’t want to get to Columbus a whole lot later that I will already. It will be busy and intense, but I’ll also get to see friends (4 of us are sharing a room) and touch base with editors, yarn company folks and others, then come home on Monday and crash briefly before playing catch-up with whatever’s come up in the meantime.

Here’s a little stroll around the yard. That’s one of the smallest box turtles I’ve seen, his shell was only 4-4 1/2″ long, and he was really speedy for a turtle! The mushroom is a later stage of the ones I showed earlier – I didn’t realize that they curl up like that.