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Meet Me in St Louis …

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One of our daughters and her family drove over from Kansas City on Saturday, and we met them in St Louis for the day. As the weather was uncertain (so what else is new!) we decided to go to the Missouri History Museum, which always has things for a variety of interests. The guys enjoyed the Flight City exhibit, while we gals checked out the 1904 World’s Fair and some of the material on the Lewis & Clark Expedition, and I think everyone looked through the Charles and Ann Lindbergh displays. There was also a large trailer out front with Abraham Lincoln memorabilia, that I found especially interesting, as years ago, I had been through the Ford Theater, and the house across the street, where Lincoln died.

We finished off with a little shopping, where I found a new knitting bag – “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. How could I resist?

We had a nice visit, then headed home to some very hungry critters. They stayed overnight, spent some time at the Zoo this morning, and are currently on their way home.

The drive to St Louis resulted in a lot of knitting time, so I made progress on the 2nd cabled sock and another project. We came home pretty late – not good knitting, plus I was having trouble staying awake, which would probably have created a frogging opportunity, so I didn’t even try!

Back home today, I poked around the yard and found a few neat things which WP was determined to include in the grouping above. Maybe I’ll eventually figure out how to make it arrange things the way I want them, but meanwhile …

Have a great Memorial Day!


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