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Spring is definitely springing


… in fact a few times, it’s felt more like summer! We’d had 1 male rose-breasted grosbeak hanging around the seed feeder and yesterday there were 2, and also a hummer on the feeder. There are more neat things popping up in the garden all the time, especially over in the hosta bed. In addition to the hostas, there are ferns … mostly ostrich and sensitive ferns, which are both multiplying like mad.

Progress on the knitting front: Part 2 of Moth Wings is up to 7 repeats, and the sleeves are done for Silk Flowers cardi, it just needs bands and assembly. I’m in no danger of running out of knitting any time soon, as a proposal that’s been hibernating on an editor’s desk has suddenly sprung to life, and is due the middle of next month. Fortunately the other project that’s due at almost the same time is already knitted …

Nora recently posted a recipe for Pasta with Creamy Artichoke Sauce that’s already hit the fave list – Himself’s comment was “don’t lose that recipe!” We had it first with tilapia filets, then recycled the leftovers the next day with pork loin chops (chicken breasts would work perfectly for this) – yum! I sautéd the chops with a red onion, shiitake mushrooms and a glug of white wine, and served them with the pasta and steamed broccoli.

Since one can never have too many recipes (only too many to keep track of 😉 ), I just stumbled across this recipe journal, 101 Cookbooks. I haven’t had a chance to investigate in depth, but it looks good! For starters, she has a tabbouleh recipe that uses fresh spring vegetables and chives instead of the usual huge amount of parsley – definitely interesting.


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3 thoughts on “Spring is definitely springing

  1. Thanks for the recipe addy….I love pasta!!

  2. Hooray! I’m so glad you like the pasta. I’m wishing I were having some for dinner tonight…

    We have had a pair of rose breasted grosbeaks come through each year on a migration path – at least, I like to think it’s the same pair… they are so special! Almost as fun as indigo buntings!

  3. Just stopped in to do some catching up and was wondering what “Moth Wings” is. So I tried using your search widget in the sidebar and found it’s linked to your Ravelry link.

    It’s sounding very springy out your way. Here too. So lovely!

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