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The best laid plans (again!) …

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All I was trying to do was put away a couple of boxes of tea on the top shelf in the pantry (it seemed like A Good Thing), when I was maliciously attacked by a tub of dog treats – freeze-dried liver, mostly down to the crumbs (somewhat stinky, which is probably why it’s such a good training treat). Of course the lid came off, and of course the remaining cubes and all the crumbs went all over and into everything within range! I certainly hadn’t planned on a major pantry clean-out any time in the very near future, but obviously that tub of treats (or something <cue Twilight Zone music>) had other plans … sigh!

Later: Still slogging away at the pantry cleanup, with 3 very interested “helpers” taking turns; they score a treat every once in a while. Also, since we live in the country, the cats catch an occasional whiff of mouse – a big reason most of stuff is in jars or other relatively mouse-resistant containers, and Amber discovered some tantalizing dangling apron ties. I’m making interesting discoveries, such as “Gee, I didn’t realize I had 2 cans of mock duck/bamboo shoots/whatever!” One positive in all this is that while I had so much stuff pulled out, I was able to thread the power cord for the hand vac up behind the shelves and mount its base on an upright, something I hadn’t been able to get the Maintenance Guy (MG) to remember to do. 😉 It will be nice to have it done, but it’s not a good time to do it, not when I should be finishing 2 sweaters (so why am I blogging …).

On a more positive note, we went to St. Louis yesterday and had a good German lunch at the Bevo Mill. I had sauerbraten with an extra potato pancake (yum!), Himself had the schnitzel of the day (pork with jaeger or hunter’s sauce – ie. tomato-based), and we each had apfel strudel for dessert, served with a killer raspberry sauce. I’m not sure how authentic the raspberry sauce is, but it would almost make cardboard taste good – can you tell I love almost anything raspberry <grin>. Next time, we’re planning to try the brunch!

After lunch, we took off in search of Knitorious, a yarn shop my friend Kate had been telling me I should visit. She was right! It’s a great place for a Stash Enhancement eXpedition, with a great array of yarns, and conveniently close to one of our favorite stops, Ted Drewes Frozen Custard. I enjoyed meeting the owner, Sandy, and Ann of Annie Knits; Sandy’s husband was there, so Himself had someone to talk to while I was looking at yarn. Naturally a little bit followed me home – a pair of socks for him, some yummy Malabrigo Lace (100% baby merino) for me, and another size 6 circular, as I never seem to have enough of that size lately.


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Knitter, designer, tech editor, spinner sharing a home in the Missouri Ozarks with my husband (53 years and counting), 1 dog, 2 cats, and way too much stash!

One thought on “The best laid plans (again!) …

  1. Congrats on the pantry cleanup. One less thing on the “Spring Cleaning” list, no? (sorry it took a liver-treats-shower to kick it off.)

    Your St. Louis junket sounds lovely — the food, the fiber (wool, that is).

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