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A fine mess!

I just went fishing for the inside end of a new ball of yarn, and got this: yarn-oops.jpg Not at all what I wanted, but I wound it all into a smaller center pull ball, stuffed it back into the middle of the original ball, and am knitting again. Win some, lose some, I guess. 😉

I am not usually very enthused about purple – greens, teals and blue are more my colors, but I have to say that the more I work with this particular purple [think violet, heathered with a good shot of fuchsia – the photo definitely doesn’t do it justice], the more I think I just might make an exception here … it’s Plymouth Galway Highland Heather #749. Unfortunately the sample sweater I’m making is not my size 😦

We got another 1-3/8″ of rain overnight, which we definitely don’t need right now, although any of it at all would have been lovely last summer, when it was so terribly dry. There’s more rain in the forecast for tomorrow, which is Opening Day for the St. Louis Cardinals, so of course the sports folks are suddenly very obsessed with meteorology. Here’s hoping they get the game in! [Later: They didn’t – it was postponed due to rain!]


A wild pile of knitting needles …

I’ve been very lax lately about putting my knitting needles away when completing projects – well actually, I’ve just been stuffing them into a plastic bag.
needle-bag.jpg When I emptied the bag, it turned into this, needle-pile.jpg
so I think I’d better do a little housekeeping 😉

My copy of SpinOff came today! What a visual feast – lots of yummy fiber (*No, the spinning stash doesn’t need more fiber either; keep repeating from * …), and plenty of interesting articles, including an article about Cormo sheep and a really cute baby jacket, both by Margaret Heathman of Margaret’s Yarns. She wrote a neat little book, Knitting Languages, published in 1996, which is really handy for knitting terms in languages other than English. She’s currently working on a second book of knitted snowflakes, which looks very interesting.

I feel like Toby’s been neglected here, but he’s really developed an aversion to the camera – every time he hears the little whirring noise it makes when it’s turned on and the lens extends, he takes off for anywhere else. It may be the flash, but he really doesn’t like that thing! I would love to get a photo one of the times when Maggie just walks up and starts grooming him, but for now, here’s this: toby-maggie_a.jpg Of course you know that’s supposed to be a dog bed, but try telling that to Maggie!

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Knit for Kids!

It’s been 12 years since Brigitte Weeks mentioned making simple sweaters for needy children in Daily Guideposts. In her devotional for today, she wrote:

I was writing full of nostalgia for my childhood in a small English village, where girls were expected to knit and sew at least competently. I never did make the grade sewing; … But I did manage knitting—those wonderful soothing repetitive stitches that somehow turned into … simple sweaters for what were then called “displaced persons.”

This was the seed that has grown into Knit for Kids, which has received and distributed over 400,000 sweaters from knitters and crocheters from all over.

If you would like to help, there are free patterns at Knit for Kids–it’s a great way to use those small balls of yarn we all have in our stash!


Socking along!

The new sock yarn eventually told me what it wanted to be, and it’s coming along nicely, although my cable needle is practically the same size as the dpns. Being picky finicky that way, 😉 I plan to reverse the cable turns on the 2nd sock. [Added note: I realized this was a little sketchy. Sock is worked on 68 sts, 18 rnds of rib, then beg at right edge, work first 20 sts of chart, work repeat twice = 68 sts. Apart from the pattern stitch, it’s my standard sock “recipe” from Ribbing-Plain & Fancy.]

Cable Rib Sock Cable Rib Sock Chart; ©2008 E. J. Slayton

We went to St. Louis yesterday, and saw some of the flooding on the Meramec River at Highways 21 and 141, where we crossed into St. Louis County. It’s not as bad there as in some other areas, though it will probably get worse as the water moves down toward the Mississippi. It certainly makes me really thankful that we live at the top of a hill!

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Not spring peepers, but a @#%& frog …

I guess it’s the knitting equivalent of a speeding ticket. I was sailing along on the red thing, (I guess it’s Silk Flowers no, it doesn’t have a name yet) and life was good … I thought, does this thing look just the least bit long? So I laid out the rest of it, patted out the current piece, carefully matching the patterns at the edges, and yep, it’s 13 rows (see the little green marker) past where I should have started the front neck shaping! oops.jpg

So with much muttering, and a little assistance from Maggie (didn’t get the camera in time to catch that, but I’m sure you can fill in the blanks), it’s now back on track, with the V-neck started, even though it’s not quite back to the underarm. I’m sure glad I caught it before there was even more to rip. 😉

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Maybe spring is springing?

With a nod to Mr. Rogers, it’s been a beautiful day, at least in our neighborhood, with sunshine (Toby’s been out basking in it most of the day), birds singing, some flowers and a temp around 70 – definitely gives one hope!

It doesn’t hurt that it’s drying out, either! I found these in the yard,
croci.jpg crocus.jpg then went over to clear some of the winter’s debris from the hosta bed. No sign of the hostas yet, but some of the iris are up just a little, and the Coral Bells (Heuchera Palace Purple) were being brave as well. I thought the tiny leaves were adorable! coralbells.jpg Here’s to spring!

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For your amusement

This is not new, I’m sure I had seen it before a friend sent it to me recently, but it’s kind of cool, and much brighter than the continuing rain outside my window. It’s supposed to end later today, but meanwhile everything here is thoroughly soggy. Enjoy! Flower Garden

Later: Hooray, after another 1.25″ since I put the gauge back out last evening, the rain has moved on past us, and the sun even tried to break through a couple of times. Someone who was here earlier said that Big River was only a few feet below the highway bridge, and that’s the new bridge that’s a good bit higher than the old one.

I just couldn’t stand not having a sock on the needles, so here it is. It hasn’t told me yet what it wants to be beyond the ribbed top, and you can see that I didn’t do all that well at finding the middle of the ball, but it’s a start 😉

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Baby, the rain …

keeps on falling, and falling! Storms have been “training” up from the southwest, mostly south of Interstate Hwy 44, and as you get farther south, the flooding gets worse. We live on the uphill side (west) of the local highway and we can get in and out, but the folks who live on the east side have to cross a creek. The mail carrier said he couldn’t deliver a lot of the mail today because the creek’s been over all the low water bridges most of the day. Our road is passable, though pretty badly rutted, and we’re currently pumping out the basement 😦 Times like this, I’m particularly glad we live on top of a hill!

The new garden has developed its own lake at the corner nearest the house – the ground around it will have to be rearranged a bit once it dries out, so that water will drain past it to the pond.

When I finished the previous pair of socks, I was wondering what to put on the needles next. I found another small project bag, and another pair of nearly completed socks that just needed to have the 2nd toe grafted and the ends worked in, so now there are 2 empty sets of sock needles! I think these socks are Lang Jawoll Cotton – I love the colors, and they feel really nice, so I’m looking forward to wearing them. sock.jpg