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Either a lightbulb or a “duh!” …

whatever you choose to call it (a moment of enlightenment, perhaps?), I needed to cast on just over 100 stitches this morning, and there was a high likelihood of being interrupted in the process, as someone was on the other side of the kitchen, making coffee.

I grabbed a small bit of yarn left over from a previous project and looped it over the needle every 20th stitch, figuring that I had a much better chance of counting to 20 at one go than I did of getting to 103 105 [I forgot 2 edge sts!] (if you have an even higher interruption probability, go for every 10th stitch). Hey, it worked!!! No getting to something like 95 and having to start over again (grrr!). Sometimes small triumphs please me ;o)


This is the start of sweater #2. The first one is all done but the finishing, and I’m pleased with it, but all this deadline knitting is certainly putting a crimp in my reading time, never mind any spinning. On the other hand, it’s been grey, sloppy and chilly, so inside knitting is a pretty good place to be.