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Be careful what you wish for …

you might get it! When we adopted the 2 resident felines from the vet’s office in 2004 (I didn’t realize it had been that long!), I was hoping for at least 1 occasional lapcat. It’s been a long wait. Last night, when I had planned to work on finishing a Cotton Fleece vest that’s been sitting around for a while, as is often the way with those best-laid plans, Maggie (grey cat) had other ideas.

Instead of her usual fast track from the arm of the sofa, across my lap and over to the middle cushion, she stepped onto the pile of knitting in my lap … circled and stayed for 2 hours, all through Numb3rs, the 10 o’clock news and beyond, until I finally got desperate, managed to slide out and set her down on the warm spot where I’d been sitting. She was still there when I went to bed not long after that.


So I switched from finishing to working on the 2nd sleeve of the current sweater (yay, progress – 1 sweater almost down, 1 sweater to go), which worked as long as I put the yarn out of her way, then rather awkwardly looking at a couple of new knitting books.

Ah yes, the new books! I ordered 3 Japanese knitting books from Needle Arts Book Shop, 2 stitch pattern books and New Style of Heirloom Knitting. The books came quickly, and Marsha definitely goes the extra mile – the books were wrapped and tied with colorful ribbon (which Amber almost swiped) and she added stitch markers, bookplates and a packet of helpful information, Interpreting Japanese Knitting Patterns.

Meanwhile, the vest finishing is still waiting.