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Outside … but inside is warmer!

We’re getting another batch (actually batches, as it’s coming in waves) of winter stuff – as with the previous storm, I’m glad it’s coming down already frozen, instead of the liquid stuff that freezes on the trees & wires, though I’d really rather pass on it altogether. I shoveled a path across the terrace earlier, and you can’t even see that I did it.

Toby, on the other hand, thinks it’s a blast. He just couldn’t wait to go out and play with his “Flying Squirrel” – a sort-of, but not quite Frisbee toy.


You wouldn’t know looking at this spot now, but in the summer time, there are lots of lush hostas growing here – it’s pretty bare now.


What looks like snow is actually sleet, and therefore much slicker. I’m just glad we don’t have to get out and go anywhere – the tv stations are in full winter storm mode, with one traffic jam or accident after another. Now that I’ve filled the bird feeders, I think I’ll just stay inside where it’s warm, fix a cup of tea and knit!