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Good news/bad news …

The good news is 2 designs accepted for publication – the sort-of-bad news is that they’re both due just under a month from now. As you can imagine, there’s some pretty steady knitting going on here, and the socks are on the proverbial back burner again. Fortunately the yarn for one of the sweaters showed up very quickly, while there were some glitches in the process with the 2nd batch, but that should arrive next week.

You’ve already met Amber & Maggie (Feb 3, 2008), but Toby was here when they came. Our vet’s best guess is that he’s an Australian Shepherd mix [he definitely looks Aussie, no clue as to the rest, but the result was a great guy!], and he was picked up from a parking lot in town and dropped off at her office. He came to live with us in January 2001, when our previous dog, Casey, didn’t survive a stroke at about 14 1/2 yrs of age.