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To Save Time

… take time to check your gauge. As a technical editor, I’ve inserted that text into knitting patterns an uncountable number of times, but does that mean that I always do it? I’m sure you can guess the answer to that question!

This time, it wasn’t the stitch gauge that turned around and bit me, it was the row/round gauge on a sock [a FFO; Formerly Finished Object], and my default number of rounds on the foot came up just a tad short. As I’m sure this will lead to premature toe failure, the first sock toe will visit the frog pond [rip it, rip it!] as soon as I finish the 2nd sock, and I’ll add the needed rounds. I love the wild colors and I’m looking forward to wearing them!

I guess the lesson here is that not all sock yarns, even when it’s a brand I’ve used many, many times, will always knit up to the same gauge. Maybe I should just think of it as an opportunity for more knitting, since I’m so likely to run out of things to knit <yeah, right!>