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What is Stash?

What does stash mean to you? I usually think of stash in terms of yarn, spinning fiber or fabric – all fiber-ish things. Can it also apply to books or tea or other things as well?

Stash can either be what you store away for future use, or where you put it. One entry gives the origin as “1797, criminals’ slang … perhaps a blend of stow and cache.” I certainly have a lot of yarn stored/hidden/stashed under the bed in our daughters’ old room, though it’s more a matter of finding space to put it than actually hiding it.

The Classic Silk yarn finally decided to cooperate, and it’s moving along nicely at about 4 1/2 sts/inch, but once I got it into different light, it’s strawberry, not raspberry! Ah well … onward!

Silk yarn in openwork pattern