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Hmm … what to watch this evening … let’s see, the choices are a football game between 2 teams I’m personally not very interested in, or a Jane Austen story on PBS – no contest at all! DH can have the big tv, and I’ll sit comfortably in the kitchen, watching Jane Austen and knitting, only I guess I’d better hurry up and get a knitting project going.

We’re both pretty adventurous eaters, and don’t find too many vegetables we don’t like, but broccoli rabe turned out to be a bit too bitter for either of us (even when it’s been blanched, which is supposed to help). However while I was looking for recipes for the 1 bunch I brought home, I found another recipe that sounded too good to pass up, so I decided to try it with broccoli instead. It calls for garlic, pine nuts, kalamata olives and capers and just a touch of red pepper flakes. I fixed it for lunch today, and it was very tasty – I think that one will stay in the repetoire! I cut the broccoli into flowerettes, then steamed it and pretty much followed the recipe as written. Note that the olives and capers are pretty salty, so add more salt with caution.

When I checked this fleece before sending it to be processed, I didn’t realize it would be almost as good as a pile of catnip, but Amber & Maggie quickly demonstrated its appeal.

Cats in the fleece!